I Can't Flash 813

Apr 11, 2016
when I trying to flash my redmi 813 received this message

0x80004005 FAILED (remote: unknown command)

my logs
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.00    execute E:\wt86047\flash_all_except_data_storage.bat
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.30
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.30    $echo "Fastboot Tool Ver 7.0"
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.30    "Fastboot Tool Ver 7.0"
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.30    wt86047
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.30    86047
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.48    product: WT86047
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.53    product: WT86047
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.63    target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.63    sending 'partition' (33 KB)...
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.63    OKAY [ -0.000s]
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.63    writing 'partition'...
[00001314]b5e12c25    0.63    FAILED (remote: unknown command)
I Currently using 6.24 and twrp ( I can't install android 5.1 so I want flash to original miui rom

Somebody can help me? What's wrong with the partiton?
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Dec 6, 2015
If you can't use mi flash, you can install twrp via fastboot.
Dowload the recovery rom from miui site and download the fastboot TWRP from this link
Reboot in fastboot mode and follow the guide in the link
After this go to wipe in twrp and wipe dalvik, cache, data and system and if you want the internal storage
After, try to install the zip. The first time it will be return error. No problem, retry to install the rom. The second time the rom will be installed without problems.