Resolved I can't translate 2.11.23!

Jul 22, 2012

I tried to translate MIUI from MIUIAndroid and it seems like i can't do it!

I've added the folder: "values-ar-rPS" ar=Arabic, PS= Palestine and tried "values-ar-rEG" EG=Egypt
and translated the 3 files: arrays.xml, plurals.xml, and strings.xml
then i signed the files - Framework-res, Framework-miui-res- and compiled the rom then installed it

But in the first start screen and settings, there is no Arabic language!!
Just Chinese and English!

I'm downloading the Original Rom but it's too slow it will take 1.5Hrs @ 40KB/s :(

is there anything wrong? i was translating every rom without any problem including all miuiandroid roms!

Phone: Galaxy Nexus GSM
MIUI: 2.11.23