I Love My New Mi4c With Twrp / Xposed / Unicon Pro

Feb 7, 2016
Thank for the great ROM and other tips and tricks i've found here.

After some hard troubles and bootloops due to Xposed and other things, ive managed to tweak the device and ROM to such a nice degree that im very happy.

Ive got Xposed / WSM active and used the TWRP Recovery

I used:

Then i installed AdAway which doesn't harm the device. (Adblock for Xposed sent the device into a bootloop) and i have Unicon Pro and MIUI7 Iconset running to theme all the icons that are not part of the MIUI themes. (You can pick single icons from the MIUI set in Unicon Pro for Apps that have no proper icon)

All of this just behaves and looks amazing, like no other device i had before. It was worth the hours of effort and some themes are just gorgeous.

If people are interested i could add some images of the Unicon / MIUI combination, its nice to theme absolutely all icons on the device. Im an icon/ui designer myself and hardcore icon freak :D

Wanna let you know that im thankful for porting the stuff over into an EU format.

Great work!
Feb 5, 2016
I'm really interesting about images, because I'm still thinking why should I install xposed framework. In the past I installed xposed on other device, there are so many little and more complex changes, but now I don't need that, may be after I look at your screenshots ☺

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