New i nedd help 2g/3g (signal) not working

Oct 4, 2012
ok guys i need help. I ported miuiv4 2.9.21 from p500 to p690 worked all from cm9 but not working 2g and 3g i replace file system/lib/ and 2g and 3g not working then i replace md5 in updater script and 2g/3g not working please help please :(


The problem is the APN, it happened on my phone too so i looked up my carriers apn and typed it in on my phone but it won't save. So try looking up the APN and typing it in and saving it! Good Luck


no problem with apn :(:(
Yeah i meant to get back on here and reply, on my p500 (which used to be a p509) i downloaded an app to get the vpn from my sim card. It said the sim card is not working/is not valid. So i switched my sim card with my mothers and her's didn't work but my sim card worked in her phone. So i'm guessing something that came from miui is disabling the sim card somehow.

i'm trying to fix it at the moment, if i get anywhere i'll tell you what i did