I need help in porting MIUI Dialer on LT18i


May 12, 2012
I need to know how did MIUI Mange to port MIUI Dialer into Sony Framework with Xperia ARC S LT18i..

I have tried several attempts but cant sign the Phone.apk..

I know its only MIUI team who can do it.. I need to know the trick for porting an AOSP Dialer to SOny based ROM...I got AOSP Contacts working on it...

I tried Singing the Phone.apk but I get FCs .... then Tried Signing the whole apks to work it out but didnt work. I got bootloop...:confused:

A million thanks would be less if someone could help... :)
Have you tried using a phone.apk thats similar to your hardware, for example another device with hsdpa+, check to see if another xperia device with same res/cellular modem has an miui port and try its phone.apk on your port.