[Idea] Gingerbread for N1 (unofficial)


Mar 18, 2011
Alright, so as we all know from the portal, this week's Gingerbread update will be for the Desire HD. Until now, it has been generally assumed that the Nexus One would be second in line. Due to some a2sd issues, that's no longer the case.

For those of us too impatient (myself included), I've come up with the idea to port over the Desire HD Gingerbread release towards the Nexus One. I know, I know - soon enough, we'll get an official release from China, but I'd just like to see if this port can be done. It's all in good fun. I don't know a whole lot about programming, but I do love to tinker. And I'm hoping to learn something from this experience as well. I'm willing to put up my N1 as a guinea pig for this project.

My idea consists of taking what we know from the past, then applying it to MIUI. First, we may need to borrow some elements from the following ROM's:

Most importantly:
MIUI Gingerbread for Desire HD
Desire HD English Translation (coming soon)
And these ROM's may prove useful:
Desire S port for N1
eViL's NXSense HD for N1
CyanogenMod 7 for N1

I have no idea where I would even start with a port, so that's where I'm hoping to get some assistance. Any devs who wish to jump on board would be greatly appreciated. Any advice that could be given would also be essential.

Oh, by the way - I'm new here. Nice to meet you all! I've been fairly active in Rodriguezstyle's MIUIMOD thread over at XDA, and been craving Gingerbread ever since news first unleashed of it's development. :D
Check out #miui on irc.freenode.net. That's where all the devs seem to hang out. And you get instant help. They'll much prefer helping someone port over the noobs asking how to flash MIUI (lots of those questions, believe it or not).