Imilab EC2 Security Camera


Dec 20, 2020
I have spent about 6 weeks with this EC2 Security Cam and have come to the conclusion it is a pretty poor product.

It is very unreliable. Often will not work and then will work again. It connects then disconnects, etc, which is not good enough for a security system.

Playback is very slow to load clips and very slow to find clips.

It's night vision is very poor. Impossible to recognize human figures.

It can detect human movement as opposed to other movement but you cannot tell it to ONLY record 'human movement'. It records every wind gust, moving trees, passing cars, animals, etc. etc. Would seem like an obvious option to have in the settings.

It's battery life is no where near what is claimed. 1-2 weeks if you are lucky, not the 3-4 months claimed.

It really doesn't look robust or weather proof and I doubt it will last very long outdoors - even tho it is meant to be an outdoor camera. The instructions even tell you to be careful where you place it because it is not perfectly waterproof or UV sunproof.

Even worse......
I spent days and days with imilabs support trying to sort out a second, faulty camera. In the end they agreed it was faulty and they would replace it, but then they kept making excuses not to send another. Now they will not respond to my enquiries. They just ignore their customers when there is a problem.

Strongly recommend NOT buying this device.