New Interactive Notification issues (Stock ROM, want to switch to


Apr 11, 2020
Hi community,

Let me first describe a Bug that I am currently facing with the Stock ROM. Then I would like to ask a few things in relation to how this might change if I installed the ROM.

For Stock MIUI

It has been a known issue that some apps don't display notifications correctly, probably due to battery saving features. I found this and also another issue that I will describe here for a few apps. One of them is Skype and I will use this as an example in this post.

First, Skype notifications did not appear at all until I was physically picking up the phone (I have the "Raise to Wake" functionality turned on) so it wakes from sleeping. After searching the internet I turned "Autostart" on and set the energy settings to something else than the "MIUI Battery saver". This fixed notifications appearing instantly (i.e. as soon as someone sends me a Skype message), even when the screen is locked and the phone lying around on the table.

Next I found that I can not interact with notifications on some apps. With Skype for example, a notification of a new message allows you to react with "Thumbs up" or type a response straight from the notification. If I use either of the functions, the action won't be executed until the next time I open the Skype app itself. So if for example a Skype notification appears, I click "Thumbs up" on the notification, the notification disappears but the other end will not see that Thumbs up. When I later open Skype, the action will be executed and the other end will see the Thumbs up.

My theory is that again Battery optimisation is the culprit that prevents the app from executing its functionality in the background. But note that this also happens when I set battery optimisation to "No restrictions" and even if I try to turn off the "Turn on MIUI optimisation" toggle in the developer options.

I also tried to factory reset the phone and trying all the different Battery optimisation / Autostart / MIUI optimisation combinations all over again without success.

Here a my phone's details:
Device Model: Mi 9T (Global Version)
MIUI version: MIUI Global 11.0.4 | Stable
Android version: 10 QKQ1.190825.002
Android security patch level: 2020-01-01
The phone was updated to this via OTA updates. When it arrived it had MIUI 10 and Android 9.


Now a few questions with regards to

Does use the same battery optimisation as the Stock ROM? Also, it seems some apps are working fine. So maybe some apps have exclusion rules in the battery optimisations. If so, does add other exclusions for apps that are common in the EU, i.e. maybe Skype? If so, is there a list?

In general: Is there any reason this would or would not happen with I have applied for Unlock and am currently in the waiting period. I consider as an alternative if there is a possiblity this might be solved in this ROM.

Is there maybe anyone here in the forum that has faced a similar issue, and maybe that got resolved when switching from Stock to

Best regards

PS: I was unsure where to post this. It is not directly a bug in, but it might also not be suited to the general Questions & Answers subforum. In case of doubt recommend me to post this somewhere else.
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I just spent a whole day on a new miui 13 phone , trying to get skype and another live chatting app to show incoming calls when phone is idle/ lock screen

I did all the permissions lock screen, pop up window, + removed from battery optimisation...etc
I found the always on lock screen was 100% blocking skype and the other program.
The normal lock screen when woke up at the fingerprint, enter pin screen, the incoming calls can show.

In the end I found an article about miui not able to run background apps fix. Which is to enable developer mode and turn off the miui optimisation option

Then The 2 apps started to work When phone is idle / lock screen . Will do more testing tomorrow. So far so good fingers crossed