is there a baseband fix for North Ameria Milestone (Telus)?


Aug 13, 2011
hi guys,

I flashed my Telus Milestone to MIUI rom and found that the phone doesn't receive any cellphone signal. I used to have a UK Milestone with MIUI rom and it function normally. So I think it is because the wrong baseband.

Has somebody had this issue before? Could you kindly teach me how to correct the baseband?

also, could you teach me where is the search function in the forum?

Thank you very much!
It isn't a issue. Most of the Milestone Roms are flashed with a Europe baseband. So if you live out of Europe you need to flash the right baseband. To flash the baseband you need to have a OpenRecovery, I prefer -FuFu- Minimod ( Download the zip and extract it to the root of your sd-card. Boot up your phone into recovery and change you baseband to telus. Hope you have enough info now, feel free to ask!