Is there a way to delay having to use your screen lock pattern?

Nov 2, 2011
Every time my screen fades out, or every time I hit the lock button I have to enter my unlock pattern to unlock it again.

This can get annoying. A friend of mine is running some other rom and he has the option (like on iOS) to only have to input the pattern once every 5 minutes, for example.

How I really don't want to have to keep inputing the pattern every 1-2 minutes if I'm doing something that requires me to lock the screen. Is there an option to change this? I looked under the timer that sets the fade time, but then that won't include the times I lock the phone by using the lock key.


Jul 17, 2011
No, that's not available with MIUI. Wish it was though b/c I refuse to enter a pattern every single time I unlock my phone.