New Issues MIUI 12 on Redmi Note 7 (Screen rotation and gestures)


Dec 7, 2018
I don't if there's a issue with my phone or if this is happens to everybody. I've made a clean install (with format data on recovery) but the phone seems very laggy. With MIUI 11 (Android 10) the phone was fast and all the apps opened and closed without problems, but now, with MIUI 12, in YOUTUBE, CAMERA, *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*, CHROME when I rotate de phone horizontally, the screen splits in two (half with the app and the other half stays black). After one or two seconds the screen goes to normal.
Another issue is with the swipe gestures. When I swipe up, the app freezes for a while and sometimes the phone takes more than 10 seconds to respond.


Jul 10, 2014
See FP

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Camera and/or sensors are not working!
A: You wiped "Persist" partition using an unofficial TWRP build. You shouldn't have done that.
You'll now have to flash the latest official fastboot ROM for your device to restore this partition.