New K20 Pro - Animation glitch


Aug 25, 2019
Hello buds,
I'm experiencing weird glitch on my K20 Pro (Chinese version). I have my phone for a while now, and I never noticed this thing. I'm not sure if it came with latest EU update (9.8.22), or not.
I would like to know, if someone is experiencing similar thing.
But to the point...

When u re waking up the device, for a second ur lock screen is changing from blur to focused. The issue I'm about to talk happens, when I'm using my fingerprint, before wallpaper becomes focused.
The strange glitch will be visible in the video. At the beginning I was afraid that it's some kind or screen artefact, but with every application left opened before locking the screen, it is different. It looks like parts of apps re strangely stretched. When I tried to turn off all animations (also on video) the problem stopped, but then it came back but in completely diffirent place. Literally for a millisecond, when I'm about to pull down a status bar.

It is not something really important, because I can bypass it by waiting till lock screen is focused, or by unlocking via fingerprint on off screen. Still, I'm a bit worried, so any answers will be appreciated

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