[KERNEL][MAGISK][Mi 11 Ultra/Pro] OneTap Magisk Installer | Latest Magisk in one click!


Oct 20, 2021
Hello everyone!

I've just made a simple flashable zip which contains latest stable Stock Xiaomi.eu kernel patched on-device with latest magisk

The particular thing is that this zip also makes a backup of your current boot image in /sdcard/boot_backup which can be easily restored using the remover flashable zip. Always refer to Mod Informations to see if the version of the patched kernel meets your current MIUI version

Why not to use the official magisk zip directly?

As stated in the official Magisk installation instructions: " If your device has boot ramdisk, you can also install Magisk with a custom recovery, but it is not recommended"
Actually seems that the Magisk App is capable of capturing more device infos than recovery.
I only made things easier for thoose like me who are too lazy to patch the image and flash it via fastboot. I'll update the thread suddenly for every new version of the ROM so you can always update the ROM and flash the latest zip from this thread to keep Magisk after the update :)

OneTap Magisk installer

Mod Informations:
Magisk version:
Xiaomi.eu version: MIUI v12.5.17 stable


Sep 16, 2011
Thank you for this. Will this work on the latest 21.10.27 Android 12 build for Mi 11 Ultra.