keyboard is overlapping text fields in miui browser


Aug 19, 2011
Hi all.
I noticed some annoying problem when filling in text fields using the default miui browser. As soon as you start to write into one of these (even the forum fields are affected) the keyboard pop out as usual, partially covering the field if not totally.
So it forces me to scroll the page to see what i am writing. It could be still ok if there is enough page to scroll.
Unfortunately some website I use the most (Facebook, webmail and some forums) Don't have enough room to scroll adjustments, so the keyboard cover completely the boxes.
This forum is one of the few I can scroll, mostly to write some quick reply.
I've been using opera mobile since then. It adjust automatically the size of any text fields to the space On screen left by the keyboard, scrolling it also down while you write.
I don't know if someone else got the same issue.
I have 1.9.2 on N1 just now, and got this problem since 1.7.26
I still got the same problem on 1.9.30. It's really annoying when you try to post something in a forum. Please guys, can you fix it?