Aug 4, 2011
Hello... i'm a guy from denmark, and i really want to get the muiu stable rom on my desire. My only problem, is that we in Denmark has 3 letters, which isn't in the english language. So what i want to ask is, if i can send a message (sms) which includes the letters æ ø and å, and Æ Ø Å. I doesn't worry about an english rom, as long as i still can write messages in my own language.

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for your answer! :)
Could you not install a 3rd party keyboard from the market that features Danish dictionaries? Or does it run deeper than that? Do the characters not display?

Oh and there is nothing wrong with your English it is actually better than most of us English :)
Wow, thanks! :D And yes... i could just install a 3rd party keyboard, but i wasn't sure if that would help. I have got a last question: do you know if my phone will run smoother, or will it be slower by downloading MIUI?

By the way: thanks for your answer. :D
In my opinion it is as fast as any other rom but far more beautiful to use.

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I'd like to stay longer with you guys

forums.miuiandroid.com is what i'm looking for, hope will stay here longer with you guys!