Locating Ip Address Of Harddisk Within Xiaomi Router 2nd Gen

Oct 8, 2015
Hi all, I've gotten myself one of the new routers with a built in 1tb harddisk and have got the desktop app working and all, but is there anyway to access the harddisk of the router with via network IP?

I've tried entering the router IP within windows explorer but it sends me to the router settings page?

I'm actually trying to access the harddisk contents with another linux pc, which can only be done via IP network mounting, hence the question.

Thanks in advance!
Jun 21, 2014
Through the Android app, you will have to install the SAMBA plug-in.
Then, you have to allow that specific device access to the hard drive.

At last, you can introduce \\ on Windows Explorer, in a regular folder where its path is.