Lockscreen Popup


Jun 25, 2011
hey all :)
i have been trying to search the forum but it is only possible to search per section and thats quite a job u cant do a general search or at least i dunno how :)

anyway why the sms popups never POPUP on lockscreen
i always have to open lockscreen and then popup is there
is there anyway to get the sms popup actully to POP on the lockscreen ?

using latest version 1.8.19 on galaxy s

thnx !
I've been trying to find this out as well.

R.E.L, did you ever find an answer for it? My search hasn't uncovered anything yet. I'm trying to do this with GoSMSPro popups.
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that isn't posible right now

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Darn. Thanks for the reply though cowsquad!

It looks like there isn't any way to disable MIUI's lockscreens either. So there rules out going back to WidgetLocker for now...