Lost with this MIUI. How to understand?

Feb 4, 2015
My husband bought me a Mi Phone 4W. It's said to be a great phone. But I am very very frustrated by the phone. I feel that the phone works counter-intuitively. Perhaps like how Chinese characters are symbols, and those symbols are combined inside each other to make new words, I find that the logic behind the phone not conducive to my western understanding of reasonable connections. In other words, I am lost.

1. The Chinese characters. I cannot escape them. I have changed the phone's language, but this only affects the externals, like the menus. I cannot get the keyboard to change. Though I have an "English" option, it defaults back to Chinese and turns my English to Chinese.

2. English SIRI-like feature, or English handwriting input, or a list of English programs to download, or anything that lets me know I'm human, though I don't speak Chinese.

3. I've installed the Android File Transfer program, which treats my phone as an external memory drive.

4. What features does this have that should persuade me to not sell this immediately? I am asking all committed Miui users to persuade me. Any video you could recommend?

5. What is a MOD? What is a ROM? What is a Theme?

6. And it suddenly stopped recognizing my simcard. I have ejected the card/reinserted. I have rebooted the phone. It says no simcard.

I use Mac lapbook and came from an iPhone4.

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Jul 10, 2014
My husband bought me a Mi Phone 4W...

What features does this have that should persuade me to not sell this immediately? I am asking all committed Miui users to persuade me.
Why should anyone persuade you? Ask your husband why did he buy you this phone.
Sorry for such a brief answer but as you haven't even tried to google the basic facts, I think it is adequate.

Check if you don't have a fake, then check your current Miui version. There shouldn't be chinese characters if you have switched to english language, so download Miui ROM suitable for your device from this forum. Also don't be afraid to use "search" option on this forum. Good luck.

Any video you could recommend?
I would recommend The great dictator, excellent movie with Charlie Chaplin
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Sep 22, 2013
yea with the official version of miui you need to tweak it a little to make it usable, like installing Google Keyboard, Google now (instead of the chinese Siri), and removing the chineses app bloatware.

if you came from an iphone 4 at least you should appreciate the responsiveness of the phone when using apps, browser etc. ?
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Aug 20, 2011
Well first thing to do in Xiaomi phones is to flash multilanguage MIUI rom from xiaomi.eu.
Using factory chinese system doesnt make sense when you're not chinese.
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Feb 4, 2015
Would I download it onto my computer then transfer it with the Android File Transfer? If so, which folder?

If either Acid or cpasmol could send me a link, I can have some direction.

Also, is anyone aware of how to fix the "No Sim Card" problem? I read elsewhere that it is a hardware problem with Androids. My Sim Card works on other phones.