m1910f4g which Rom please?


May 14, 2024
Hi, I'm a little confused. I have a xiaomi model m1910f4g. I think it is mi note 10 ( but not sure). The currently installed rom is 12.1.3(RFDEUXM) I would like to install a xiaomi.eu rom, but I can't understand which rom I should install exactly. Can someone please tell me and maybe post me the direct link. Thank you
Can I ask if is there a good tutorial for orange or twrp for my model and for installing the rom? Some youtube video tutorial maybe?
Something went wrong. I did wipe dalvik art cache, cache, system, vendor, data. I did try to flash rom with : adb sideload rom.zip but nothing appen. My phone have no rom anymore now :,( . What can I do? I use this rom xiaomi.eu_multi_MINote10_MICC9Pro_V13.0.4.0.RFDCNXM_v13-11.zip. Please help me. Thank you


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This is what i get computer side..... I use orange fox by mouse becouse touch screen do not work with orange fox ( I do not know why )


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