Mail app is unreadable


Mar 30, 2011
I'm having a problem with the background color of the mail list in the mail app. It's a black background with grey letters. The Gmail app is using a white background with black letters, what is much better.

How to change this? Now the mail is almost unreadable.

Mail problems!!!

Yes I got the same problem. I can't read correctly my e mails and that's very bad!

See the attached pictures!

Hoping for a solution quickly


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Hello Guys,

I also concur. When scrolling down through my gmail messages, the emails that have not been opened/read are blacked out. Which...idk is not a major problem but annoying at times.

you need to go into settings>programs>manage applications>all tab >scroll to email or gmail or any app that is doing that. *NOTE* some work and some just don't >turn on compatibility mode
Thanks for the reply THE DUDE,

Hey actually quite the contrary for me, My gmail was in compatibility mode, when I turn it off it works fine and the black bars are gone!

If I'm on the home screen and I hit menu all my options come up in black and I can't read them

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