New MI 11 ultra 14.06.0 gmail, files app and picture and files sending problems are still there. Please use this post for other bugs!

Gabriel Oprea

Oct 12, 2022
With the new version of, gmail still does not fully loads mail content, and can't download attachements.
Files app won't let you send files to WhatsApp, E-mail etc.
Can't send screen capture directly to mail, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, but I was succesfull to send pictures.
To get over this problems using yahoo mail app, google files.
No other bugs till now, baterry span is good, fast rom. After install an error, no OS installed but booted fine.
I have same problem as you, but these are not problems of MIUI14, because I had them in Stable MIUI13.0.13.
These issues can be fixed by doing a factory reset after flashing ROM. I haven't done yet, because I have only the Gmail issues (can't see attached files). Whatssap and Telegram are working fine.
If anyone knows how to fix it without doing a factory reset, please tell us how. Factory reset is annoying because of too many apps that I will have to install again.
- I'll make it a little more specific. Factory reset in TWRP will not help, "Format data" must be done.
- You can solve the problem with sending files from the Files app by turning off "secure sharing" in the Gallery app.


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I think I even done that format data! But I will try again. Secure share was off, sometimes it works, sometimes not.
Thank for you help @gogocar62 , Insaw that you have a lot of answer!