Many important suggestion (please say all of these to miui devs) (Updated 02.11.11)

Jul 4, 2011
Underline are very important

-launcher: choose icon dimension
-launcher: fix empty space in the top zone (for widgets)
-launcher: option for totally hide apps
-launcher: horizontal scroll circular
-launcher: widget for enable/disable lockscreen
-launcher: make folders opening from top screen, and close it by clicking in the bottom zone where there isn't the folder (copy this from golauncher ex)
-launcher: make folders scrollable horizontally (like golauncher ex)
-launcher: swipe down for open notification bar

-launcher: custom highlight color of home screen icon

-browser: more colour themes
-browser: add finger gestures

-notification bar: make a option for retreat the notif bar after choosing a widget from it
-notification bar: totally disable lockscreen by pressing lockscreen widget in notif bar (lockscreen switch on/off instead the one that there is now that only enable it)
-notification bar: add data sync (android sync) switch on/off ADDED
-notification bar: add sd card mount as widget in widget grid view
-notification bar: option for don't disable wifi when go to flight mode

-sms: when disable lockscreen (with external programs) the display won't go on when i receive a sms

-calendar: show popup (like sms popup) for reminders of appointments instead of notification bar message
-calendar: add today/tomorrow/1week buttons when selecting date of appointments

-calls: when receive a lost call, after unlock the phone create a popup preview (like sms popup)

-phone dialer: make a option for open contacts instead phone dial when i press the green call physical button

-gallery: automatically detect folders with images and create a option for exclude folders from scanning
-gallery: option for fit to screen images that has low resolution
-gallery: create cache for previews (for make images navigation faster) ADDED
-gallery: current previews has poor quality (maybe creating caches can solve this) ADDED
-gallery: add mp4 and other video formats (like adding ffdshow codec support)

-file explorer: make a options for: hide top tabs, show sdcard tab at the open, remember multiple selection, and also make a button for exit from the program
-file explorer: make the files options in the bottom to fit perfectly horizontally (select all go out at the right)
-file explorer: thin scroll bar

-backup: make backup settings for firewall, superuser and facebook favorited contacts and many stock miui programs PARTIALLY ADDED
-backup: ability to backup apps with date and time of last backup in the current backup list (like titanium backup)
-backup: ability to backup system apps
-backup: ability to choose the type of backup (only data, only app, or both)

-lockscreen: playing music the wallpaper became totally black, fix this
-lockscreen: playing music option for disable the equalizer bar
-lockscreen: support poweramp album art
-lockscreen: delete that bip sound when i press a music control during listening music
-lockscreen: using miui music need better visualizations of mp3 tags (like Artist: Song: Album: )

-firewall: disable 3g by default in all new installed programs ADDED

-hardkeys: create hardkeys options (for example enable/disable wifi or open a program by pressing for some seconds call, call end or search keys etc.)

-camera: add light/high HDR and possible other effects
-camera: 16:9 pictures options

-rotation: enable rotation (also when is disabled( for specific programs like camera (enabled by default), gallery or thirdy party programs

-miui weather: support for european users

-music: in built lastfm scrobbling support or simple lastfm support SIMPLE LAST FM SUPPORT ADDED BY SOFTWARE DEV
-music: download album art and lyrics from google servers to sd automatically
-music: associate album arts tags to their real album name in jpg for album art view
-music: skins with other colours than white&grey
-music: option for open album/artists/songs or folders at the start
-music: option for visualize subfolders albums in their correct folder (in folders section)
-music: sort artists, folder and songs by track number in the tag or by filename in folders (without visualize .mp3 extension)
-music: sort albums by artists
-music: albums are doubled (fix)

-music: option for don't open album art view when click on a song
-music: visualize always the seek bar in the bottom bar instead only in album art view

-music: visualize year by tag in the bottom bar
Mar 26, 2011
- Music: Add more visualization spectrum like TTpod for Symbian. Also fullscreen visualization.
- Music: Repeat A-B (for learning languages).
- Camera: Full screen video capture for Milestone.
- Phone: Call recorder for Milestone.
- Launcher: Multi-select icons for rearrangement purpose.
Oct 1, 2011
In SMS app, national support to get 160 letters instead 70. Go SMS and others apps have it, also original Samsung SMS app...

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