Market not showing all apps


Apr 9, 2011
I've noticed something very unusual since installing stock MIUI on my phone: Market has become noticeably limited. Apps which I *know* exist are no longer showing up in Market. Some, like Twicca, I was able to install by Googling and opening via the Android Market website (as opposed to the Market app) but in other cases this doesn't work at all.

Apps of particular note that have disappeared from Market are Tweetcaster Pro, Twicca Twitpic plugin and OKCupid.

Has anyone else found this happening to their phones? I really haven't a clue what to do to fix this.

(Possibly related: I'm unable to log into Whatsapp. Phone just returns to its boot screen when I attempt to.)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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That market isn't showing all apps is probably related to in build.prop for the Desire HD. It's still set to an old test-keys one.
I have it set to this and I can find your apps: CL47853 release-keys

For the whatsapp reboot problem you can flash this file if you are on 1.6.10:
I get the same issue on my DHD.

Will edit the build.prop and see how that goes...

EDIT: Works a treat :) I can now find all those apps.
Many thanks for your help!

Can I use Root Manager or something to edit the file you mention? Or is this something I should do by plugging phone into the PC and editing in Notepad or something?

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Hmm. Okay, I edited the file using Root Manager and some of the previously missing apps are now showing up under 'My Apps' in Market (woot!).

However when I click on them I get 'The requested item is not found'.

I've tried clearing the cache (both of the Market app, and clearing the cache and dalvik cache of the phone via Clockwork) but the problem still persists. Any thoughts?

(Edit: Also Whatsapp Messenger now can't be found when searching in Market. Arg!)