Xiaomi 11 Ultra (MIUI14/A13) - Facebook app uploading photos with 3D option doesn't show the result anymore since few weeks


Oct 11, 2021
This is a very weird situation... Once I updated to MIUI14/A13 everything worked normally. Facebook app users certainly know that you can upload your photos and use the 3D option, so the result is a pictures which moves vertically and horizontally giving the depth illusion. So, this continued to work until about 2 weeks ago.
I still can use the option, but it will only show a black screen on my xiaomi 11 ultra, while i can see the 3D photo on my PC moving as it should.
So I thought maybe some files of the OS are corrupt, let's reflash the ROM... nothing changed, still doesn't show nothing but a black screen.
I also checked on other Xiaomi / Redmi phones on which the 3D photos perfectly show, so it is definitely something on my Xiaomi 11 Ultra.

Has anybody noticed the same problem and might have a solution to "repair" it?
Many thanks in advance.