mi 10 pro (cmi) touchscreen doesnt work in bottem quarter


May 7, 2020
Last week I was hiking in hard rain, got really wet.

After arriving at the target my phone started to mailfunction, first the display. I shut it down, waited a night.

On the next day the display worked fine, but in the bottem quarter (at the height of the fingersensor) the touchscreen has mailfunction, doesnt react. At the absolut bottem it works fine, above the problem zone too.

I restarted it several times, reseted it, set it to factory settings three times, put a different rom on it, but the problem stays the same.

EDIT: Sometimes it works in this area (esp when its turned 90deg), the fingerprint sensor doesnt work (nearly all time).

Please help me, its hard to have an amazing phone, but cannot accept incoming calls or quit runnning calls. The display works fine, the akku and everything other (like youtube) too.

What can I do, thx for everything,

PS: I do not know if its problem with the display or the fingerprint sensor (because its exactly at the height of it)