Invalid Mi 10 Ultra v12.5.5.0 - Recent apps screen bugged

Sep 11, 2021
I have a Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra 256GB 8GB Ram, with Stable EU ROM v12.5.5.0.

The biggest problem I have noticed is that when you open recent apps window, some app windows become like invincible, you still see the name of that app but the image of its most recent state is gone, you also cannot interact with it, its impossible to switch to those apps that become like this, and its also random, it seems to happen to any apps no matter how much I clear cache or reinstall them they suffer from this issue, the only real fix seems to be restarting the phone completely each time.

After a while though, it returns to this bug with the apps in recent apps window become invincible with only the name showing and impossible to interact, you can still swipe to close them but you cannot click on them to switch because nothing happens.

Its very annoying but I have not found a way to solve this, custom launcher or Xiaomi's Launcher both seem to have same problem. But if you have gesture control on you can indeed swipe with gestures but if you use custom its not possible.

I have also tried both types of recent apps window style, the slide one and the one with two in a row that swipes downwards, both show same issue.

This issue has been present since day I installed version