Mi 10 Ultra - VoLTE/VoWifi - Android 11 - not connecting to number on same network


Sep 21, 2021
Hi all,

I'm running the latest eu weekly and I've got VoLTE & VoWifi up and running on the Mi 10 Ultra, but when calling another device on the same network (Three UK) it fails to connect the call. Two members of my family have other brand phones on the same network which I can't successfully call them when on VoLTE. Connects fine when not on VoLTE or VoWifi. Seems to connect fine to all other networks on VoLTE/VoWifi.

According to my call logs VoLTE to those numbers were previously working on an old Android 10 build back in March.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue?

I've recently tried wiping and flashed the latest stable. No joy.

Now back on the latest weekly. I've played around with the MBN settings by dialling *#*#663368378#*#* and changing some the SW MBN configs for Three. Nothing there seems to help.

Would an old MBN from an old Android 10 build be compatible? Is that even worth trying. If so, where can I find one without wiping again and going back to an old weekly Android 10 build. Or any other ideas to try?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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