Mi 11 Pro TWRP Update no recovery partition


Jun 21, 2023
Hi folks, i am trying to update my TWRP 3.5.1_10-0 to newest TWRP on my unlocked Mi 11 pro, using "Install image".
I select twrp.img. But when i neet to Select Partition to Flash Image i do not have a recovery partition. only have:
Super (system, product, odm, system_ext, vendor)
Any idea on how to get TWRP updated (to install newest MIUI Rom)?
Tried Fastboot, but my pcs are stuck at <waiting for device> aswell...

For Mi 11 Pro install TWRP to Ramdisk.


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For Mi 11 Pro install TWRP to Ramdisk.
Don't have that option in advanced.
For me there is only the following options:
Change TWRP folder
Reload Theme
Partition SD card
Fix Contexts

At least the grey boxes on top part of screen are identical
Is this procedure possible for you?
Sadly as well not.
Only options are:
Super (system, product, odm, system_ext, vendor)

Just got Fastboot to work! (was driver issue on pc) But now, when i boot into newer TWRP, i cannot decrypt data. TWRP telling me my password would not match. Any idea how to - remove - data encryption in old TWRP, so i can install new TWRP?
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It is strange. You have some weird TWRP.
Then install the necessary drivers on the PC and update the ROM using the fastboot method. This will simultaneously update the TWRP included in the ROM.
Install Tools and Drivers
- install USB drivers & adb and fastboot tools (Windows 10)
- install SDK Platform Tools (Windows 10 & 11 / Mac / Linux)
- install xiaomi drivers (sometimes necessary)
-> a small [howto] if you have driver issues

Updating ROM by fastboot method:
  • Download Xiaomi.eu ROM zip file to PC
  • Extract the ROM zip to a new folder
  • Power off your device
  • Boot your device in Fastboot mode (Hold volume down + power buttons)
  • Connect to PC via USB cable
  • Run one of the installation scripts (according to your PC operating system):
    - update_rom - without data wipe, if you're updating from an older Xiaomi.eu ROM.
  • Wait until the device restarts itself
  • Done!
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Allright. i managed to install TWRP with fastboot:
- Deleted unlock in Android
- Booted in fastboot
- Installed to ramdisk
- now i cannot use touch in twrp, so use external usb mouse
- upadted to newest miui
- wiped dalvik
Now only my nova launcher crashes continuesly :) But i made it! Thanks!