1. F

    System bootloop TWRP

    Whenever I try to install the WEEKLY ROM my device starts in TWRP mode, I already did everything I could, Uninstall magisk, Format the data, EVERYTHING and my device keeps starting in TWRP mode with the WEEKLY rom, on the other hand the STABLE rom works normal , what could it be? Redmi Note 8...
  2. A

    Second Space creation process crashing resulting in TWRP createTarFork() error 255 when backing up data partition

    Hi folks, at the moment I'm completely lost as I really don't know where to put my issue which I could reproduce meanwhile on two different Xiaomi Mi 9 both with official TWRP cepheus and MIUI11 WEEKLY 20.1.21 v3 ( On both Mi 9 the process of...
  3. S

    Xiaomi.Eu 11.3.4 Stable - Mi 9 Lite (Global) Question

    Hi, This question may have been asked before but i couldn't find any definitive answer. I have successfully flashed to my Mi 9 Lite today after unlocking my bootloader. After performing a wipe in TWRP i received multiple errors relating to unable to mount /data partition. I was...
  4. K

    Error while backup on MI 8 TWRP 3.3.1-1031

    hi guys, i successfully upgrade my TWRP to TWRP 3.3.1-1031 by wzsx150. however i have error as described: i never had such error when i was in TWRP 3.3.1-1002 (from wzsx150 as well). any idea ? any feedback / insight is much appreciated. Thank you. PS: i'm currently on 11.0.6...
  5. G

    MI8 se 10.3 9.1.17 (weakly) no twrp update help.

    Hi everyone, i didnt update my phone in awhile, and today i was planing to do so. But unfortunately OTA update is not working and apparently i dont have installed TWRP anymore. so my question is, can i just instal TWRP in fastboot and manually update phone to newest version without losing any...
  6. J

    What's the different between Mi 8 Pro and Mi 8 SE

    Hi Everyone!!!! I bought the Mi8 SE (I think it's that) and then when trying to change the ROM, I think I installed the Mi 8 Pro TWRP. And I would like to know what is the difference between both devices. thanks for answering
  7. R

    How to do a clean flash?

    Hi everyone, I have a mi 9 and I want to clean flash the stable miui 11 ROM. I have read on multiple sites about how to do this but they said different things: - One site said to do a factory reset (but I remove my zip files as well?) - Another site said to just wipe my dalvik/cache/data -...
  8. D

    A terrible mistake: deleted my ROM on Mi 9T

    Hello everyone, I got my phone unlocked, SW did a full wipe, then I flashed TWRP which showed weird file names. I looked into the problem and they say it's because the phone is encrypted. Okay, no problem, I deleted the usuals (at least I thought), but before that I copied the latest MIUI.EU...
  9. B

    Is OEM unlocking is untick after flash Xiaomi eu?

    I have unlocked my K20 pro and then i start to flash TWRP recovery and firmware. Before the flash operation, I have checked inside both developer option and through fastboot command and see bootloader is unlocked. After flash xiaomi eu firmware, i check inside developer option and...
  10. Joos7

    New TWRP (Recovery) (Grus) 3.3.1-0 [31.05.2019] Xiaomi Mi9 SE

    Here the Link:
  11. T

    TWRP or some other CR for Android 9?

    After upgrading to MIUI global stable Android 9, official TWRP stopped working properly. I can install Magisk but I can not do anything else. I want to know if there is a CR that supports Android 9 and that can be installed, since I tried to install OrangeFox and BATIK, but they must be...
  12. Gurkut

    Magisk v19.1 + Magisk Manager v7.1.2+ Magisk uninstaller (Last version)

    Just flash with twrp than install Magisk manager app. İf you have any bootloop orcrash just flash with uninstaller.. Magisk v 19.1 Magisk Manager v7.1.2 Magisk Uninstaller
  13. G

    TWRP error 7 and beta 9.3.28, need help

    Hello guys I'm having a bit problem with beta 9.3.28 andTWRP in my whyred. I was using pixel experience, then I flashed the latest miui beta (9.3.28), flashed magisk, tried to enable camera2 api but it didn't work, and since *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum* is a must have for me, I went all the way back to 9.3.14 (oreo)...
  14. E

    Is the OTA based on TWRP?

    Is the OTA of ROM based on TWRP? Can I simply upgrade without clearing my data and configuring from the very beginning? I am using Redmi 6 Pro. Thank you.
  15. T

    [Mi 8 Se] Can't install TWRP

    Hi Im trying to flash twrp on my mi 8 se wich has global custom rom installed from new and it's not working. When i try fastboot boot twrp.img it finishes with status okay, and then phone is stuck in dark screen and nothing happens. When i use fastboot flash recovery twrp.img it finishes...
  16. HexEdition

    New Mi 8 Explorer TWRP issues

    Hello, I do need your help guys! I've been using my Mi8 Explorer running the latest rom since the very beginning I own it and since the 15th of January's update, I cannot update it on Android 9 at all. I mean, I can't use this update :/ I also tried the bêta rom but it doesn't work...
  17. J

    Trouble launching Twrp on Mi 8 SE

    So, i was using Chinese Stable on my Mi 8 SE... I flashed twrp 3.2.3 1217 and with that i flashed beta 8.12.27.. Then i flashed twrp 3.2.3 1227 and tried to launch it using command, but the twrp doesn't launch.. It restarts the phone instead.. Tried using "Reboot to recovery" & "choose...
  18. E

    Loading into Stock Recovery even after Flashing TWRP in mi 8 pro

    I followed all the steps of how to install the rom, and I have even done the same in 2 previous devices, but in this the twrp is not maintained and when installing the rom the phone is bricked.
  19. A

    (MI 8 SE SIRIUS) No twrp

    hello im using MI 8 SE, i wanna update to latest weekly which is 9.2.21 FROM 9.2.15 but i noticed that when i wanna boot to TWRP recovery my phone stuck at MI logo with unlocked screen, is this mean my TWRP is gone? should i install TWRP again and what version?
  20. P

    mi 8 bootloop

    Hello, I bought a mi8 with open bootloader and tried to install rom. Now I'm stuck in the 'powered by android' boot screen. How I installed the rom: 1. installed TWRP_dipper via fastboot 2. wiped the phone 3. Copied this 'xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_V10.2.2.0.PEACNXM_v10-9.zp' to the internal...