1. L

    [Help] Get back to stock miui 10 via TWRP?

    Hi all, Sorry if my questions are too dumb, I'm new to Xiaomi and just have a little experience with TWRP & flashing custom ROM through it. I want to get back to stock miui 10 ROM from ROM but I'm not sure about some steps (from online tutorials on the internet), I'm afraid that these...
  2. pekes-pn

    [FIXED] Mi 8 stuck on Mi logo

    I bought a CN version of Mi 8 but with global ROM and was using it in CZ. I wanted to install EU ROM and for that I performed this: flashed TWRP-3.2.3-0918-XIAOMI8-CN-wzsx150, did full Wipe, installed xiaomi.eu_multi_MI8_V10.0.9.0.OEACNFH_v10-8.1. But now when I reboot my phone it is stuck on...
  3. Mahboburrahman

    New Redmi 5A(Riva) lost TWRP after flashing 8.11.8 version

    After flashing latest 8.11.8 version on my redmi 5A(riva), TWRP gone... When i press power button+ volume up key,nothing comes at screen,no recovery.
  4. S

    Can't flash TWRP

    I've tried to flash 3 types of twrp included the one posted here, and none of them is working, one of them just kinda worked and booted, but after rebooting, mi-recovery is still there, and things I try to flash like SuperSU for example just don't show even when it shows it flashed correctly...
  5. S

    Can't install TWRP on Mi Mix 2s

    I've tried to flash 3 types of twrp included the one posted here, and none of them is working, one of them just kinda worked and booted, but after rebooting, mi-recovery is still there, and things I try to flash like SuperSU for example just don't show even when it shows it flashed correctly...
  6. E

    Trouble with TWRP on Mi MIX 128gb

    Hey i am running a weekly version of the rom. I wanted to upgrade. The Problem is that the updater app isn't working because twrp is isn't working. My storage is always on 0 MB. So i can't flash a new rom or any other recovery. If i formate my data i got my data back, but then i have...
  7. F

    Where to find TWRP for Redmi S2 (ysl)?

    I can't find the TWRP download for my Redmi S2 (rom name 'ysl'). Who can help me find it?
  8. L

    is MTP required in installing TWRP in Redmi Pro?

    Hello, I just want to ask if MTP important in installing TWRP in my Redmi Pro? I am using Redmi Pro 3gb/64gb version and I want to install multi ROM 8.9.20_v10-6.0, but everytime I try to install USB debugging there's a problem saying "not successfully installed", also my pc cant recognize any...
  9. C

    Replace the Russian rom on my Mi8 to Global

    Hi everyone, I've waited for the Miui10 stable rom and when I tried to install noticed that I have Russian (V9.5.14.0.OEARUFA (MIUI9) )version of Mi8 rom and not normal global. Tried to install it (V10.0.2.0.OEAMIFH (MIUI10) ), but it said, download the right rom from Miui website. I'm not...
  10. D

    Flash TWRP on Mi 8 from Windows 10

    Did anyone had any luck flashing the TWRP using Windows 10? I have an unlocked Xiaomi Mi 8 CN phone. I have installed the ADB drivers from Xiaomi and when I execute `fastboot devices` it shows my connected device. But when I execute `fastboot flash recovery...
  11. C

    New Xiaomi Mi8 Miuiu 10 beta 8.8.9

    Battery consumption too high; Facial Id works really bad; Miui updater doesn't work when I press to install the new update 8.8.30; Twrp doesn't work, I already flashed again by fastboot and reboot normally.
  12. +DS_DV+

    First ROM released for MIPAD 4

    Hi fellow MiPad owners, today is the day with the first release of an official ROM. Ver 8.9.6 sadly its not a stable but i belive with the next stable release we are also getting one. Since we are now on snapdragon the support will...
  13. G

    HELP NEEDED: Mi8 Bootloop using TWRP 3-2-3 & Global MIUI 10

    Hi, I bought I MI8 Chinese version a week ago. I was able to "successfully" unlock it with the goal of installing the Global ROM. I found a set of instructions online () and followed step by step all instructions: Unlock the phone using the MiFlash Tool Download the ADB Downloaded TWRP 3-2-3...
  14. B

    Can’t install rom in Mix 2S

    Hi, I installed TWRP, and booting to it (power+ vol up) I enter the TWRP menu.It asks for a password due to some data is encrypted, but I still can proceed. After that I install the latest version of rom (weekly release) all goes well, and at the end gives the option to reboot the...
  15. I

    How To Install A Custom ROM on Xiaomi Mi 8 - MIUI 10 Beta

    So, Here is my quick guide on how to install a custom ROM on the Xiaomi Mi 8, although the basic steps will work on all Xiaomi phones. I'm going to be going through step by step on how to UNLOCK your BOOTLOADER, Install TWRP and finally install the Custom ROM of your choosing. Disclaimer: - It...
  16. Chico_38

    How to Root 8.7.19 Global Beta? Redmi 5 Plus (Dev) Miui 10

    Hi guys! I tried rooting by flashing Magisk and I end up in endless boot. :( By the way I'm using Redmi 5 Plus, 8.7.19 Global Beta (8.1 Oreo) Miui 10 - dev rom. I tried using TREBLE TWRP by Jay + lazyflasher, so far I am able to keep my custom recovery. Other than that, everytime I flash...
  17. D

    Cant update from 8.7.12 to 8.7.19

    Hi all, I have Xiaomi mi8, unlocked bootloader and i installed EU rom (8.7.12). today, i try to update the rom, i go to About -> and start to download 8.7.19 rom, when it done, i press on install and nothing happened, it just shut down my phone. when i try the process it again, it reboot...
  18. B

    Xiaomi Lock Passwd

    Hi community, i just install the latest Stable Rom for my Redmi Note 4 SD using TWRP 3.2.2. When I enter the system it asks a Xiaomi accout password for unlock the device, even though my bootloader is unlocked. How can I bypass this?
  19. pargon

    Redmi 6 Pro

    Hi all, I'm a newcommer to Xiaomi, not tho to chinese smartphones, I've had several lenovos, asus and one Vernee (horrible). And I just bought a redmi 6 pro in which I expect to be a pretty good investment. The thing is that although I found the ROM I can't seem to find TWRP for the device, is...
  20. E

    New Mix 2S booting when connected to pc while in TWRP Recovery

    Hi. I can't install anything on my device 'cause I need to Format Data before installing a ROM. Though, EVERYTIME I plug my phone to PC while in TWRP it just freezes and boots up. I was able to install TWRP 'cause the exactly moment after booting in TWRP I disconnected it from PC. Sometimes...