1. R

    New Black Screen on Mi 11 Ultra

    Hello I have buyed an mi 11 with Original Rom. After waiting 7 days for unlocking the bootloader sucessfull, i have installed twrp 3.5.1. (star). After rebooting the phone i got a black screen and when i plug in to the pc (Win11) i see the phone in the device manger. but i cant get in to the...
  2. F

    Stuck on fastboot Mi 10 Lite

    Hi, My phone is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite. I would like to install and boot to the twrp recovery. I processed as follow: Enabling debugging mode as developer -> OK Installing ADB -> OK Unlocking phone with Mi Unlock tool -> OK running "adv reboot bootloader" -> OK running "fasboot flash recovery...
  3. L

    Questions about TWRP, Magisk and SafetyNet

    Hello everyone ! I just have a few questions : What is TWRP ? Why do I need to install it on my phone before flashing EU ROM ? How do I install it ? Do I need Magisk and SafetyNet to get google pay and Netflix working ? To make it simple, I need to able to use google pay and apps such as...
  4. L

    Wipe Cache option is not available in TWRP

    Hello guys, I have a Xiaomi MI11 ultra with rom. I have a problem with apps crashing randomly, i saw that clearing cache partition might help. The problem is that i dont have that option in TWRP.
  5. RaspberryPiNews

    Xiaomi 8 Lite stuck on fastboot

    Hello! I just switched my Mi 8 Lite from Chinese ROM to 12.5.1 rom yesterday, and also rooted it with Magisk. It was working fine the whole time, until I shut it down a few hours ago and when I started it, it went directly into fastboot and no matter how I reboot it, weather it be via...
  6. M

    Can you update the OS through Updater with Fastboot ROM?

    I'm new to flashing ROM and I'm following this guide which uses fastboot to install the ROM, but since the latests 12.5 ROMs for MI 11 can't be installed via fastboot, can you update it later on the settings? And what are the differences between fastboot install and TWRP install?
  7. B

    what is the difference between thespartann twrp and nebrassy

    i want to install twrp and root my new phone poco x3 pro global (8/256), bootloader is unlocked on my phone, what is the difference between thespartann twrp and nebrassy?
  8. D

    Twrp Mi 11 Lite 5G (renoir)

    Can someone advise me how to install twrp on xiaomi mi 11 lite 5G (renoir) I have searched in forums and the methods have not worked for me, I ask for your help and thank you in advance
  9. J

    Only recognized in fastbootd - flash TWRP in fastbootd?

    Hello, I have my Mi 11 for a few days now and just can't manage to flash TWRP. The Mi 11 is from Trading Shenzen with unlocked bootloader, but without EU-Rom. I have already flashed a few devices with Minimal ADB & Fastboot but I have never failed so miserably. The Mi 11 is recognised in ADB...
  10. bvrvn

    I can't install MIUI

    I am using the official Twrp version but when I try to install this rom it fails. It says "This is Onclite not Onc."
  11. E

    can't install 12.5.10

    Hello everyone it's my first topic here. I bought a xiaomi mi 11 pro with rom installed , but when I download the update with the ota(like you see in the picture below,.zip) , I cannot find it when I open the twrp to install it , I dont see the fold. Please help, thanks
  12. S

    Failed to install Xiami eu 12.5 on my Mi Note 10 Lite

    Hey guys! yesterday i tried to install the 12.5 ROM on my Mi Note 10 Lite and i failed :/ I unlocked the Phone normally by waiting 170h without a problem. After that i installed the TWRP from the XDA Forum (v3.4.0-14). Everything without a problem. Then after i booted up into TWRP i...
  13. M

    Update with TWRP

    Hello. Last week I installed for the first time the weekly beta TWRP for my Mi 11 (21.6.16), now I want to update to the new weekly ROM. How is this done with TWRP? Do I need a computer for this process? Thanks.
  14. samirglima

    How will I update my device from now on? (Mi 9T Pro)

    Hi guys, before my mi 11, I had a mi 9T Pro (K20 Pro) with global ROM and switched to stable. When I gave my cell phone to my mother I put the global again and so far so good (it's currently in version 12.0.6, android 10). The "problem" started when the phone no longer updates over the...
  15. M

    New method to install for the first time TWRP for Mi 11?

    Hello. Is there a new or easier method for installing TWRP specifically for Mi 11 (Venus)? Because I think this method is old: Thank you for your help!
  16. A

    TWRP MI 11 MIUI 12.5.7

    How to install twrp on a mi 11 with miui 12.5.7 which was installed with fastboot? I can't find a non-fastboot version 12.5.7
  17. M

    Help with TWRP installation for Mi 11

    Hello. I would like to get some help for installing the latest TWRP for Mi 11, since I do not really understand what the process is like and I do not want to negatively affect my device. So, could someone help me please with this process? Thanks.
  18. M

    Root on Stock Rom (germany Mi11)

    Hi Guys, I'm switching from Oneplus Nord to the Xiaomi Mi11 and would like to know how to get root? On the Oneplus I flashed Magisk in the recovery and reinstalled it in the inactive slot after each OTA via Magisk. Does it still work? Can the bootloader stay closed? Which guides do i have to...
  19. A

    TWRP Loop Mi 10Ultra

    Hi, It's my first time rooting & flashing a rom. I'm stuck in the TWRP recovery loop. My configs System: Mac ( I can get access to a PC/windows as well in case) Used XiaomiTool v2 to unlock bootloader and install twrp recovery used recovery-TWRP-3.4.2B-1208-XIAOMI10ULTRA-CN-wzsx150 rom used...
  20. K

    Problems with TWRP Recovery

    I have all the drivers installed and the twrp.img (Downloaded from, I install the TWRP using the commands ("fastboot flash recovery twrp.img" and "fastboot boot twrp.img") but when restarting or turning off the device it starts again in the factory recovery "MAIN MENU RECOVERY 3.0"...