1. Enyrox

    New Xiaomi 13 \sdcard Recovery empty

    Hey, I'm in the TWRP app and I want to update my phone but when I click on "install" to select my zip containing the new version and when I go into \sdcard nothing is shown. My storage appear as empty (0 MB) (I don't know if this is useful but the version seems to be...
  2. R

    Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G(sweet_k6a) softbrick

    Cant launch miui and dont know how to fix. After command fastboot erase system my phone now not booting into system, i already tryed to flash from fastboot and miflash, even twrp/ofox, still not working. Device is only with "a" partition, bootloader unlocked, phone responds to pc and boots fine...
  3. R

    How should I do OTA with TWRP pre-installed with the ROM

    Device Info: > ROM Version: MIUI by > Device Codename: munch (Redmi K40S) The title might be a little confusing, so I'll try to explain my case here. > I didn't flash the TWRP myself. > After installing the said ROM, I found my device having been installed TWRP when...
  4. ntlkr

    Making system partition RW

    Does anyone know how to mount the /system partition as RW while booted into system on shennong? (currently on latest twrp and 24.1.29DEV firmware) The integrated option in twrp fails, as the partition format is not supported. The RO2RW module causes a softbrick. Tried to use DFS as...
  5. ps3aciv

    New Urgent help please, failed to mount several partitions after flashing for Redmi Note 10 Pro (HMNote10Pro, sweet) V14.0.9.0.TKFMIXM_v14-13

    I followed the guide on this forum to a t, I have TWRP installed and I formatted data as it suggested. Flashing from the microSD card in the phone, the latest version of MIUI 14 from this forum for the Redmi Note 10 pro (HMNote10Pro, sweet) I ran into a problem at the end. Here's what the screen...
  6. D

    Go back to stock recovery from twrp

    First off, in have a Moonstone (poco X5 5g), it has Boot as Recovery (A/B), I'm on latest stable ROM. I flashed official TWRP from XDA, some errors occurred while flashing EU ROM so I ended up flashing through Fastboot (thank you devs for hybrid ROMS) everything went smoothly but TWRP was kept...
  7. mnshawaty

    Xiaomi 12T Pro (DITING) & HyperOs

    Hey fellow forum members, I hope you're all doing well. I recently thinking to upgrade my Xiaomi 12T Pro (DITING) to Android 14 using HyperOs, and I have a few questions that I'd like some guidance on. TWRP Recovery Compatibility: Before the upgrade, I was running Android 13 with TWRP...
  8. X

    How does the updater app work with TWRP?

    Hi. I installed twrp-3.7.0_12-v8.2t1_A14-houji-skkk.img into a Xiaomi 14 (houji) device using the fastboot flash recovery_ab recovery.img command. Then, using TWRP I installed file Seeing there was an update I wanted to try the app updater...
  9. X

    How long does it usually take to format from TWRP?

    Got my hands on a new Poco F5, unlocked it and installed TWRP. Now I'm trying to follow the instructions steps from the stable release which say: Reboot to TWRP If installing for the first time or downgrading: Wipe -> Format Data So I've rebooted to TWRP, touched Wipe -> Format Data and… that...
  10. T

    Invalid Corrupted installation, now I can't access SDCard due to encryption

    Hi, The other day, I was performing a routine ROM update as usual, and mistakenly, I might have shut down my phone during installation. This caused a major issue as it could no longer detect USB-OTG. I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to fix this. I attempted wiping data and cache...
  11. A

    Help on Redmi 4 China Rom to Global ROM

    Hi all, I've this model inutilized, I've been thinking to gift to some nephew. The problem is that I have the China Rom, so I would like to install the Global rom first and then gift it. I've already unlocked the bootloder, under Mi status it is written "the device is unlocked". I've Installed...
  12. yawnrock

    Redmi Note 9 Stuck bootlooping after installing TWRP.

    Hello. My Redmi Note 9 is bootlooping after installing this TWRP image found here. I am trying to get back into fastboot but no matter what I do, I cannot get into fastboot. Help is appreciated. The bootloader is unlocked. I had MIUI 13 before TWRP install.
  13. pHneutral

    TWRP twrp-3.7.0_12-v8.0_A13 error 'unable to find partition for path data'

    Hi there, Maybe someone can help me with the following? I just updated TWRP on my Xiaomi 13 Ultra to the latest version. Previous version worked fine with backup, however with the latest version when I try to do a backup, it gives an error "unable to find partition for path data". Also I notice...
  14. Lopolin

    [RESOLVED] should I be concerned by the output message "script succeeded: result was [256]"?

    It's my first time Installing a custom ROM, I chose the Stable ROM. I have a POCO X3 Pro (vayu) and installed TWRP 3.6.2 to then Flash MIUI14.0.3.0. I was switching from MIUI Global 12.0.5 (or was it I have encountered a few issues along the way and probably did a...
  15. V

    TWRP Disabeling wireless interface.

    Hi. Im on the POCO X4 PRO 5G stable rom. When i tried to flash the unofficial veux/peux TWRP it made my wireless interfaces not working (WIFI, cellular data, bluetooth etc.) Does anyone know why this happened? Thanks is advance.
  16. E

    Poco f5 pro

    Good morning . I installed the rom but I have no twrp recovery.. I wanted to know if this causes problems. as I was unable to install twrp on my poco f5 pro I don't know why
  17. Geo Mi World

    Xiaomi 13 Ultra - Problem with TWRP

    Hello guys, Yesterday I tried to flash the TWRP recovery for the Xiaomi 13 Ultra : But I had a fastboot bootloop after installing it. I tried the 3 methods but...
  18. J

    Mi 11 Pro TWRP Update no recovery partition

    Hi folks, i am trying to update my TWRP 3.5.1_10-0 to newest TWRP on my unlocked Mi 11 pro, using "Install image". I select twrp.img. But when i neet to Select Partition to Flash Image i do not have a recovery partition. only have: Boot Dtbo Persist Super (system, product, odm, system_ext...
  19. J

    Install TWRP

    I installed MIUI, but the system keeps asking that to update the application I have to install TWRP on my cell phone, does anyone know a safe way to install TWRP without damaging MIUI and without resetting it? I just want to install TWRP to get updates via Mobile normally but without...
  20. W

    Searching for TWRP Recovery or OrangeFox Recovery for Xiaomi 12 4G "Tapas" Version

    Dear MIUI EU Creators, I hope this message finds you well. I am a proud owner of the Xiaomi Note 12 4G "Tapas" version and I am currently in search of a compatible custom recovery mode such as TWRP Recovery or OrangeFox Recovery for my device. After conducting extensive research on the...