Resolved Mi 11 Ultra - 22.4.27 - Horizontal orientation distorts Screen Layout

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Apr 10, 2022
Sometimes when opening YT Vanced my Mi 11 Ultra with the 22.4.27 Weekly seems to completely destroy its display layout, resulting in only half the screen beeing used. (see attached image) I haven't noticed this issue on the Weeklys 22.4.7 to 22.4.21 so something might have changed regarding this. Haven't changed anything about YT Vanced however. Only fix (as of now) is to force reboot by long pressing the power button :(
If I take a screenshot, (after force rebooting) the taken image looks perfectly fine. Didn't manage to reproduce it willingly, but it's pretty annoying.
Maybe someone noticed this issue on different devices and apps?

EDIT 1: Ok, I managed to reproduce it: It happens every time I open a video of a playlist in fullscreen mode (other videos of the playlist showing in a small preview next to it). If I know rotate the device by 180° (so I still want fullscreen mode, but "the other way round") the UI completely shifts itself.

EDIT 2: It actually is reproducable with the "normal" YouTube-Version as well!

EDIT 3: It is reproducable with videos in the Miui-Gallery-App as well :(


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