Mi 11 (Venus) Issues with screen burn in and 1x zoom not working


Aug 24, 2022
Hi! I have had my Mi 11 (Venus) since release of the phone and "back in the day" my camera was fully operational with all types of zoom and getting full focus. Lately I have been getting issues with my device and currently using the weekly rom. The issue I have is that only x0.6 zoom is working properly with the focus and sharpness when taking a photo and my screen has gotten burn in the notification bar at top of the screen. I am wondering if there has been any issues due to software or if I just have hardware issues. The phone has never been dropped and I have protective case that keeps the phone safe.

I spoke with Mistore here in Sweden and they said that my device is under warranty and I can send in it for a check and if it has any defects they will replace the parts. Do I have to flash back to stock ROM in order for my device to be covered by the warranty?

Overall I love the quality and features of this custom rom and keep up the good work!