[Mi 8] [Weekly Review] MIUI 11 Xiaomi.EU Beta 9.11.7


Aug 16, 2019

Hi MIUIers,

I am starting a new series to discuss what's new and bugs happening in EU beta ROMs. It will be helpful if some of you can report and confirmed the issue here to official Xiaomi.EU website. So without further ado, let's get started!

1. Introducing Focus Mode.
New features to help you focus on your daily life and avoid using your phone.

2. Added support for Google global search provider.
You can now use Google search provider as default. This settings can be changed in Home Screen

3. Added Private DNS feature.
Configure your internet connection DNS, in two possible options: automatic and custom private DNS settings.

4. Redesigned interface of Deep Clean.
Provide more minimalistic and better insight for cleaning unnecessary junks in phone.

5. Added Straighten and Gridlines tool to Video recording mode.

- FIX Data usage overview issue when using dual SIM cards connection.

1. Quick snap (Picture/Video) broke.

2. Dynamic font-weight feature broke several third-party apps font boldness (e.g. WhatsApp).

3. Dynamic font-weight feature doesn't work in Second Space.

4. Ongoing notification (e.g. Download progress) will make AOD animation glows continuously until the ongoing notification disappeared.

Good update! Although I suffered force closes of many apps when I dirty flashed it but after doing clean flash, everything works great! :)


May 27, 2019
I have issues with android auto with this version. Only a black screen in the car and then android crashes. Audio only works but if I activate the screen on my car android crashes. Previous builds all worked fine. No other issue so far.

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Edit, sorry, Mi 9 not 8 :(