New Mi 9 Battery Stats Bug, Weekly 21.7.7/8


Apr 24, 2021
Greetings, I've been facing some bugs on Mi 9 with the latest weekly update. Clean flash, flashed with 100% battery, first charge when the bugs happened

1. Battery drains too fast and the phone shuts off before reaching 0%

Due to that bug, I've decided to drain the battery manually by plugging to charger, turning on, waiting for it to shut off then repeating till it truly goes down to 0%.

Then I found another bug.

2. The phone is charging extremely slow even though it shows the ''fast charge' icon

At first I thought it was due to flashing a new ROM, since I came from Global MIUI. Did a full charge again with phone turned off, bug still present. Tried another cables, no difference. Tried a Motorola charger quite similar to the Mi 9 charger, surprisingly no difference either other than the fast charge icon disappearing (expected though).

I decided to download AIDA64 to monitor the charging and discovered the reason why this is happening.

3. The battery stat is wrongfully measuring the battery percentage, it is showing "100%" before it fully charges to 3300mAh

And that's the cause of the other bugs too. It was "100%" but the battery was actually still charging at 2298mAh.

Pic attached.

EDIT: for some reason I attached the pic twice, sorry


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