Mi 9 Lite - OTA update stuck at 100%


Jun 16, 2021
I got a notification there's an update to 12.5.3 (coming from 12.5.1) so i went to the updater app, pressed on download.
According to the app it finished downloading for 10 minutes but it doesn't change.

If i check my file system there's a temp zip of the update and an md5 file, probably for the checksum.
Do i wait or cancel? And try downloading on pc instead and then move to phone?

EDIT: Ok right after posting it says download succeeded. My only question is below then

Will i lose my data (apps, pics, etc) if i update to newer?


Oct 3, 2019
The Updater app doesn't get (or use) the right size of the ROM to download, that's why it can stay at 100% downloaded for some minutes because it still downloading it. ;)

Updates are... updates, you don't lose your data (this is written in the Updater app after you hit "Check MD5 and install"). ;)