MI Bedside Lamp 2 Alexa issue


Apr 17, 2022
I have two Xiaomi Bedside lamp 2 lights that are connected via wifi to my smart home. For voice command I use several Alexa smart speakers. Lately my bedside ligths became unresponsive in Alexa, while it was working via the MI Home app, and also via Homekit. I tried to re-add them by disabling the MI Home skill in alexa , and I also tried to reset them and re-install again. For some tries I got the unresponsive state after sucessfull detection in Alexa, but since a while I am not able to find them as device. I did multiple resets etc, but no luck. It only affects the Alexa access both HK and MI Home app is working fine. All the apps updated to latest version and the lamps are running on 2.1.7_0047 I wrote tickets to MI Home customer service via the app, and also for the Alexa skill via feedback there but no response. I only have those two devices under MI Home that are supported by alexa, I even tried to add those to a new MI Home account without success. I am located in Europe / HUN and I am connected to a european server. I use the alexa skill MI Home that is for european users. Any idea what else hsold I try ?
Thanks Zsolabola