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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

To avoid re-posting the same answers over again here are the things we know for sure so far:

1. The phone is called MI-ONE.

2. The MI-ONE will be sold primarily in China, there is currently no confirmed plans for distribution outside of China. We will obviously be looking to work in partnership with Xiaomi (if they wish to) to bring this device to other countries in a orgnanised way. The device needs to sell well in China first, one step at a time.

3. The devices seen at todays news release where NOT the final product, they are the engineering samples.

4. The phone does NOT appear to have a Front-Facing-Camera (FFC) as previously thought. Our apologies for the false post on that spec. The MI-ONE does however have a 8MP rear facing camera.

5. The price is currently 1999 Yuan, or 350 USD / 340 GBP / 330 EU (approx) not forgetting import taxes and other possible charges for shipment from China if a method becomes available.


While we appreciate everyone wants to get this device, don't get fooled into eBay scams or other people offering to send you the phone from China. There will be an official distribution channel in China.

We'll add more to this MI-ONE FAQ as we get more info.

Thanks and we hope you all enjoyed the news today, happy birthday MIUI!