Mi Smart Kettle Pro help please


Nov 9, 2021
This would have to be the most difficult to set up smart home device I've ever had. Everything has been a struggle with the set up and I have a couple of questions which I hope some kind soul can answer.

Is there any way to connect the kettle to wifi? The moment I walk out the kitchen with the phone I lose Bluetooth connectivity to it. I know that it really means nothing since I think the app must be an April fool's joke as it does nothing more than tell you that it's boiling - not even an off/on switch! but still...
Or is there a special code I need to put in to unlock some actual functionality apart from being able to change its name?

My second question is about Alexa. I've installed the skill and it's active but I just can't get it to connect. It has Bluetooth active, is on the 2 frequency (it's late, I've forgotten what the 2 broadcast wifi's are called) and the phone is also on 2g and has the Bluetooth on yet despite putting the kettle in paring mode, Alexa just can't discover it.
What am I doing wrong? At the moment I have a kettle that is decidedly unsmart. :(