Mi Unlock Unknown Error (-1)

Aug 4, 2016
hello everyone,

im having issues with the mi unlock tool 2.3.803.10. it stops at 50% and shows error "couldnt verify device unkown error (-1)". ive logged on to i.mi.com and located the device through find device. I have unlocked multiple devices in the past without any issues apart from binding time issues does anyone have any pointers how i can unlock so I can install xiaomi.eu rom
Mar 14, 2018
I had this issue what it was, is a driver issue if using windows 10 you must turn off signed driver verification by pressing and holding shift key wile rebooting pc selecting troubleshoot startup ( summit like that) then signed driver verification off its option 7 ( pressing f7 to select) when pc reboots install driver again this time a message pops up and says driver unsigned do you wish istall select install anyway now when running the unlock program( as administrator) it should go all the way hope this helps