MI10 notifications


Oct 20, 2020
Hey All,

coming from MI9 i switched to MI10, everything fine so far except 1 thing:
On mI9 i go a small but event tho existing LED signalling events like whatsapp messages, charging, sms etc.
On MI10 i havent yet found a way to get informed about such events with just looking at my smartphone.
Even with aod on my smartphone stays black and uninformative except small application icons, to make things
even worse the aod display seems to adopt to external light intensity. I want to be informed at maximum brightness!

Am i missing something?

In an ideal world: Is there a setting to enable a glow effect repeating every few seconds to notify me of events?
Steady glow for charging, alternating for messages...


Feb 12, 2021
well i know there's an option for glowing sides and stuff when getting a notification, but im not sure about the repeating effect, maybe some applications can do that but i dont know any.. also about the brightness i dont think its possible to change this as it is a built in feature in the aod
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Oct 20, 2020

perfect except battery consumption tends towards 4% per hr on standby even
tho directly after installation battery idle consumption was only 0,5%/hr.

So: Freezing above app in titanium and reenabling a few hrs later or deinstalling
and reinstalling might give a few hrs of happy (standby) life, but after a few
hrs this ugly 4-5% per hr drain kicks in again.

Not sure if its a a11 problem, my MI10 is on current 21.2.24/25 and was before on 21.2.3/4, no change.

Any ideas?

PS.: Where do i have to complain to get the developers to implement such aod notification as obove app does?
Or even just disable this darn adoptive brightness for aod! I'm not 12yo, too dark is just too dark for my old eyes...