Mi2 - paste problems of zip files in to storage

Oct 10, 2013
Hmm. Wasnt sure where to post this (new thread maybe or somebody elses...couldnt find similar), but since it has something to do with updating, i choosed this thread.

Lately (now sure since when or wich MIUI version) I have problem with pasting downloaded MIUI on to storage folder.

Whats happening is that pasting process start normaly, but around 70% it finish sudenly (like its over...but its not).
So, if i choose to update pasted version, after rebooting system doesnt work normaly. Every icon I open, it instantly close it (guess i didnt transfer WHOLE zip file, even size look the same)

What I do is change format of documet from "zip" to "doc", and paste normaly (whole animation last till end...it doesnt sudenly finihs like with "zip"). After that i change it back to "zip", and everything work fine after updating.

Anybody have a clue what might be the problem?