Weekly to Stable - Cannot locate update Zip file in TWRP


Jul 18, 2021
Hi All

I have tried to search out other posts with the same issue but so far the solutions are not working for me...

Device Mi11 Ultra.
Currently I am using the weekly and have TWRP 3.6.2_mi11ultraV6.0_12

I have downloaded the stable release Zip of Xioami eu MIUI 14 on both device and PC, have transferred to device internal storage. However when I boot into recovery I cannot locate the Zip, Its not at the bottom of the file list (TWRP / install after pressing install ZIP, the file is not in the SD folder within TWRP, and is not in Media / 0 filer either)

Im not sure where Im going wrong, could it be that I must flash updated TWRP?
Please advise and Il let you know how I get on.

Thanks Dev team for great work!

Have you try with another version of TWRP?

Just a question for my information: do you update without format? In higher version of stable than the weekly version?

Hope it's help.