Mi4 cant connect to the Miphone Manger

Aug 31, 2014
When I plug my Phone on my laptop it shows sometime searching driver sometimes not, but always CDC Serial and 65xx preloader cant be installed. My Miphone Manager cant detect my device on 2 Laptops, one with Win7 one with Win8, on win 7 my device can be detect by an other Phonemagnager and I have used it to root my phone with Kingroot, I think MiPhone Manager is the Key to solve all my Problemes Yet cause my updater dont have a Menu to search roms and my Phone dont have MI Recovery, it has the Android System Recovery 3 or something and with it I cant flash any roms cause it shows me everytime ERROR: Invalid OTA package. I tryed to install CWM for Mi4 from the Chinese BLog but it seems to be not working for me.

My Device

Xiaomi Mi4 White WCDMA I think its Original cause CPU Z and ANTUTU shows the right Hardware, maybe the third party merchand has changed the MIUI ? or maybe its the Standart for MI4 in china.

My Question is how can I upgrade my MIUI with other methodes or how can I fix it that my device cant be detected by Xiaomis Phone Manager
Aug 19, 2013
I guess your phone is fake
- no MI recovery
- error when flashing original ROMs
- USB connection shown as mtk 65xx preloader

Did you check your hardware with antutu x downloaded from playstore?
Check the international MIUI forum, there is an app to check for fake phones.

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Aug 19, 2013