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New Mi4c: Microphone Not Working With User Apps

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Andriensis, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Andriensis

    Andriensis Members

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    Device: Mi4c 2/16
    Version: 7.2.9
    Basically the microphone is not working with any user app. The default recording app works fine (I'm pretty sure it works fine during phone calls as well, haven't tested yet) but with user apps it doesn't seem to work (e.g. Whatsapp or Telegram).
    And yes, I did grant both apps the permission to use my mic.
  2. kic10

    kic10 Members

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    I am having the same problem :/
    I can't use Viber or Messenger calls.
  3. Marciii

    Marciii Members

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    Device Mi4c
    Version : 8.2.1
    I'm having the same problem
  4. ()AlexM()

    ()AlexM() Members

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    Mi4c. Same issue. Latest firmware . Also in Shazam mic is not working. Probably some update ?!

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