Mi4i 32gb


Apr 19, 2014
I have preordered to ******* 2 weeks ago the improved version of the Xiaomi Mi4i with 32GB Flash.
Stock products are now available, and my Mi4i 32GB was shipped yesyterday.
It is supposed to come with a mutilanguage ROM, including French language, but...
I was used to receive previously a lot of Redmi 1S running very approximative multilanguage ROM precharged by the international supplier...

After flashing them via the embbeded internal recovery with the Armani xiaomi.eu ROM for Redmi 1S, final result was always perfect...
I suppose it will be the same for multilanguage ROM delivered with my ordered Mi4i 32GB...

1st question: Will the available stable xiaomi.eu_multi_ferrari_5.8.20_v7-5.0.zip ROM available for Mi4i will be suitable for the Mi4i 32GB version?

2nd question: As i can see, it can not be updated easily using embbeded internal recovery, it requires root and ADB flash... and i am not sure to succeed in...
Should i take the risk now? Or wait 1a few month for an optimized version?