Mi5 Goes Off And Won't Turn Back On

Oct 1, 2015
Hi everyone,

I got a Mi5 which has an issue since a few weeks. In my pocket, it goes off and won't turn on again. Charging or pressing the power button for a long time have no effect (the LED doesn't even bright up while connecter to charger, but it still seems to charge).
I have to disconnect/reconnect the battery to start it again.
If I let it sit on a table or something, no issue at all. I let it unused for 3 days without this crash. In my pocket, it gets faulty within a few minutes.
I also tried a full reset, and clean install of the latest xiaomi.eu rom, no luck.
My guess would be the sweaty/moist environnement of a pocket cause this issue maybe?

Do you have any advice on what could cause the issue? Maybe it's a known issue with a specific component?
I'm tech-savvy, so I don't mind getting my hands dirty.

Thank you fou any advice you could give me.