MiCloud messages not work

May 21, 2014
Hi, I have a problem with activate SIM card on Mi 3W on MiCloud. In the past I activated this SIM card on Mi2 to MiCloud. Everything was ok, sync, micloud messages, etc. Once I bought Mi 3W, I used same SIM card with this phone - everything ok. In the meantime I used another card in Mi 2 and MiCloud. Sync and micloud messages were ok, but I am not able to sync call history, sms, turn on micloud messages on Mi 3W - Settings of MiCloud was not succesful. Failure of server during registration of SIM card. Anyway, if I tried this SIM card again in Mi 2, no problem, everything is ok. Same with second card in Mi 3W. Mi 2 - MIUI 4.4.18, Mi 3W - MIUI 4.5.23. I already tried remove these cards from my account and add back, it did not help. I already activated second verification of security, issue with no working micloud messages, no sync of call history, sms, still persist. Thanks for any idea.

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Dec 24, 2013
Same problem...more or less..
In the last week I have changed my telephone operator keeping the same number but I have a problem: I receive a message but the activation fails and I cannot sync my notes and my sms. Is there a way to move my backup from micloud to another one? I really cannot recover my sms and notes, very important to me. Someone can help?