Xiaomi MiCode github to feature apk source XMLs


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

After what really feels like a long debate over requirements for translators and ICS development in general it seems we have finally reached a common-ground with Xiaomi in regard to how we all modify and translate apk resources.

I have confirmation that during some time this week there will be positive steps made to introducing as much of the default RES sources for all the MIUI apks as possible to GitHub for everyone to download for modding / translation use. This does not mean Java source, if you ask if this means Java source, shame on you for not reading this article fully :)

What this means?
It will make the issues of apktool decompiling apks and messing up resources a thing of the past, which in turn means apks will be built properly with the right values and other elements in original format. It also means a proper GitHub will be available to fork res values and so on from, the the ultimate aim would be a multi-rom which could be built directly by Xiaomi.

Thanks to
Wu Na, Feng Hong, Wen Xing, Xinyu, Yuki and the rest of the MIUI group in China for listening to our request to make this a better development community for apk modders and translators. MIUIAndroid.com will always and have always stood by the community and we will continue to do so into the future.

We hope for more collaborative projects in the very near future with Xiaomi and other developers.



The MIUIAndroid Team


Nov 22, 2010
Hi all,

I would like to speak about something which is missing in MIUI ROM today. I mean Email client...well!!!

Gmail or email client and others on market have not a goog UI as require by MIUI style...

No idea if MIUI team developer want to design a MIUI email client?