Miliao Chat (mChat) by Xiaomi translated into English


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

We've been tweeting this week about translations for an app called Miliao created by Xiaomi's Millet Studios team. You can see the original app web site here: <a href="" title="Visit the original Miliao site here" target="_blank"></a>

Myself and GU5TAF have been working hard to translate the application from 100% pure Chinese to English. We're pleased to announce that we've completed the core of the translations making the app as near to 99% translated as we possibly can.

There is a few known issues with the app. Push to record Force closes on Nexus S for me but would be good to see if this is the case for others as well. SMS verification does not work, this is likely because we're not all in China :)

Grab the app here: <a href="" title="Download Miliao (mChat)" target="_blank"></a>
(App will automatically download when you go to this URL)

We'd like to thank Xiaomi for allowing us to release this in English after seeking permission first to do so. We hope you all enjoy this app as much as we enjoyed translating and testing it.

Feedback is appreciated and remember we've done this for FREE! We also anticipate MIUI to include this application in the very near future so we decided to get ahead of the game by doing this.

MIUI Android Team