Missing Play Store Apps


Mar 20, 2012
Hi guys, just wondered....when I search the play store for certain well known apps they don't appear like instagram and google music for example. Presumably the have been marked as incompatible with my Mi One.

Anyway I downloaded the Instagram APK and it installed fine and works fine, but there is no trace of it in my play store installed apps so obviously I can't update it. Is there any way around this as it's really annoying, because everytime it updates will have to manually download and re-install the APK.
Since you didnt download it to play store it wont update becuase it dont know that you have that app.
This is what i got when i searched for instgram:

This app is compatible with your "telephone operator" Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus.

so where did you search play.google.com or true the phone i used play.google.com
Tried to download instagram again and it says 'your device isn't compatible with this version'. Play music isn't even found.

I just searched through play store app on the phone as usual

Is there nothing I can do?

UPDATE: Actually the Google music app is not even on the play store anyway, how do google expect people to get it?
That's wierd, when i do a web search on my PC on the play store, the google play music doesn't even come up. When I click that link you just posted it says its incompatible with my device 'T-Mobile Xiaomi Mi-One Plus' same as instagram and my older ZTE blade device too.

What do you mean by copy the info your version says?
T-Mobile Xiaomi Mi-One Plus' here is your problem then its not the phone its T-Mobile :(
This app is compatible with your Tele2 Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus. but you might get its not compatible with your T-mobile phone and thats becuase of T-mobile settings they are not letting you have the app becuase its nothing to do with the phone
damn. Can I use edit build.prop trick and just say its a nexus s?

UPDATE: Just flashed the latest version of the English rom from here and can updatee instagram now! :) Still can't find google play music though :(
Me neither it might be becuase of low downloads that its not listed very high but it also say this "
This app is incompatible with your Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus."
hmm, well now when i visit the link you posted on my computer it says....

T-Mobile Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus
This item cannot be installed in your device's country.
bloody instgram disappeared again! WTF. Went to update and its not in my app update list and cant be found in play store
Yeah, I had to download the new apk. For some reason though when i try and edit my profile and change my gender to male etc, the app screen goes white and only the bar at the top remains and I can't see the info. Random. Not the end of the world, but annoying.
haha, sexist mi one! Yeah I can use it just can't edit profile and can't update app through play store. Everything else works ok though.