[MIU] New Power Control Experience



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(tldr; watch your battery stats like a boss)

Development team has been working to solve the power problem, power consumption in order to find out the reasons, we have developed a detailed set of electricity usage monitoring module, can help us locate result in power consumption reasons. Please try it and remove applications and other confounding factors, to help us locate the problem. The main function for application developers and enthusiasts.

From here: Settings -> electricity

If you want to monitor, you need to open the power control switch. Power control system has some impact on how much will the proposed power situation to be investigated again.
Click electricity into the power usage profile.
1) First look at power profile

The first increase of power history chart showing the percentage of the historical power curve, click into the detail page

The first historical record figure was consumption, the horizontal axis is time, draw a scale every hour, the whole time subscript
The second figure is the current history, above the horizontal axis, vertical axis for the current intensity, in units uA 1000uA = 1mA
The third map is a variety of state history, the horizontal axis is time, colored states that have active, blank for no activity
Of which:
The first is a wake-up, Android system in order to save power, it will sleep at the appropriate time, even when in sleep does not quit the application will not be executed, some applications or the system itself to implement the code, will in due course wake up the system, wake-up lead after the cpu at full speed, did not quit all applications continue to run. So wake up to see if records can be used to wake up because the system caused by power consumption. Figure can be seen very frequently wake up, we know because some of the procedures to continue to wake up the system led to power, how to see what specific procedures will be mentioned later.
The second is charging, green means that the time is charging.
The third is to open the log screen
The fourth is to open the records of Wi-Fi, GPS if the GPS records to open there will be
The fifth is the cell phone signal strength history, a dozen mobile phone GSM power level, the largest two watts, the smallest a few milliwatts. A thousand times worse. If the hand will grasp the bottom of the phone antenna antenna ten times worse. At this time the deterioration of the antenna must be to compensate for power amplifier, power ten times Makati legislation. Not also lead to increased signal power. So history will help understand the mobile phone signals recorded consumption is not because of signal problems.
Figure Black said flight mode, blue for the scan signal, from green to red is divided into five intensity levels and different height, you can clearly see the signal strength changes.

The fourth graph is the wake-up detailed history of the application, where you can see specifically which applications wake up the system.

3) application of specific records
In the power profile, click an application, use more electricity into the application page

And three more charts than ever before.
The first figure is the CPU usage records, records of the CPU activity, the horizontal axis is time, vertical axis is the application used within a certain period of time, CPU time t divided by the time t, CPU time can be mapped to the use of power, So the average power consumption can be seen as the vertical axis records. Current unit does not make sense, but as a measure of CPU usage. Curve and the area enclosed by the horizontal axis is equal to the total CPU usage time. Max said Max.
The second figure is the memory usage records, records the time when a number of memory usage, in units of KB, can be seen that when the memory usage at 4 pm for the 180M, 4 half past maximum 200M memory usage
The third figure is the network traffic using the records, including Wi-Fi and GPRS, unit KB / s transfer rate that is, curves, and the area enclosed by the horizontal axis is equal to the total network throughput. Max is the maximum speed.